Monday, January 28, 2013

Zina Harman – In Memoriam

Last week, on January 21st, former Knesset member Mrs. Zina Harman passed away. Harman, mother of former MK Naomi Chazan, served as director of the International Organizations Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director of the Technical Assistance Division in the Prime Minister's Office, a member of the delegation of Israel to the United Nations and in other public roles.

Besides occupying these impressive positions, Harman was also the wife of Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Avraham Harman. While researching material for our publication on Martin Luther King's Relations with Israel (and this blog's post on the subject), we went through Zina and Avraham Harman's correspondence, and came across two recipes Zina sent – a recipe for eggplants (Hatzilim) for the Congressional Club Cookbook in Washington D.C., the women's club of the spouses of Senators and Congressmen; and a recipe for Falafel, sent to a Mrs. Ethel Geenberg (not clear if this is the real name or a typo).

(Wikipedia / Knesset web site)

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  1. I had never heard that Naomi Chazan was Avraham Harman's daughter.