Sunday, December 16, 2012

Idiotic Journalists

At one point during Golda Meir's report to the ministers on August 11th 1957 (see the previous post), she and they were congratulating themselves on a successful visit of an Israeli acting troupe to the Soviet Union.
Golda: It was a great event. We've got idiotic journalists, if they presented it the way they did.
Minister of Interior Israel Bar-Yehuda: We've got a newspaper called Yediot Acharonot which publishes articles by a fellow from MAKI (the Israeli Communist Party), he went there as part of their delegation, and he always tries to see things from their perspective.
Minister of Health Israel Barzilai: Sadly, our paper isn't any better, and they also reported with no brains. They didn't even mention the meeting with the local Jews.

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  1. "Our paper." Heh! Those were the days. No pretend non-partisanship.