Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Munich 1972: Terror and its aftermath

A team of ISA staff reserachers has spent the past months examining the documentary trail of the PLO terror attack on Israel's delegation to the Olympic Games of Munich 1972 and their aftermath. Today, a week before the 40th anniverssary of the event, we're publishing the results of their efforts: an essay-length description of the events as described in previously unpublished documents, and 45 documents, many of them declassified specifically for this publication.

The publication itself is too long for a blog format: it's essentially a small book. We encourage our readers to find the half hour and read the introductory essay; dipping into the documents themselves will require more than one language though Hebrew is the main one. In the coming days we'll publish focussed looks at segments of the publication, along with short translations into English of sections of some of the Hebrew (or perhaps German) documents. (Here's the first of the followup posts)

The sections of the publication are:
The initial reports of the attack reach Israel
The decision not to halt the Olympic games
Initial Israeli attempts to dampen anti-German sentiment in Israel
Zvi Zamir, head of Mossad, reports bitterly from Munich
Hans Dietrich Genscher, Germay's foreign minster, down-plays Zamir's report
Israel investigates its own failures
Golda Meir: Perhaps I ought to resign, but the turmoil would be too great
The Knesset: go get the murderers!
Abba Eban: the German release of the surviving terrorists condemns future Israelis to death

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