Monday, August 6, 2012

More UFOs

Today we're posting the third installment in our series of UFOs (Unidentified Faces from Old times). Our first post was quite successful when, with the help of our readers, we identified two faces. Our second attempt has been less succcessful so far. Our third, still from the collection of Benno Rothenburg, is from what appears to be a public event for intellectuals, sometime around 1950. Note the walls of the venue, with all those books and pictures, and the distinguished-looking folks sitting in rows listening to other distinguished-looking folks. Actually, in the first picture the speaker is as distinguished as you could get in those days: it's Yizchak Ben Zvi, a Zionist leader, MK of the ruling Mapai party, and soon to become Israel's second president.
In the second photo we see Prof. Yosef Klausner, whom we've identified with your help last week; he may be a guest of honor, if you note his high-backed chair and positioning immediately in front of the speaker.

In addition, we've got two other pictures from the same event, with lots of distinguished-looking folks who must have been easily identifiable in 1950, but whom even the archivists of the ISA can't recognize in 2012, fame being a fleeting commodity.

Yesterday we posted some films of hikers, and one of our points was that hikers then and now look and behave differently. When you look at these photos, however, anyone who has ever been in such an event as this pubilc lecture will recognize the exact same body language in 1950 and in 2012 or any date in between - including the two guys whispering to each other in the back row of picture #3.

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