Monday, February 29, 2016

Pre-launch hiatus

Early April we intend to put our new website online. The old one, here, is admittedly mildly ghastly. It's hardly user-friendly, but more important, there isn't much there. The new website is the culmination of years of efforts, since the Cabinet decided back in 2012 that the ISA needed to operate as if it was already the 21st century. The single most important change will be the attempt simply to put the entire archives online. Users will write their query, the website will offer relevant findings, the users will click on them and read (or listen to, or watch) the results.

We're not going to have the entire archives online in April 2016. But we hope to be closer then than we are now.

Making this happen has required concerted efforts and significant resources (you might recollect this blogpost on the matter from last year). Bridging the final mile between here and there will require us to focus almost entirely on the tasks at hand and the preparations yet to be completed. Any and all other tasks will have to wait.

Including blogging.

So this is to announce that from now until May, blogging will probably be very light, or possibly not at all. We hope to be back in ever better form as soon as possible.