Thursday, March 27, 2014

Menachem Begin: "With Heavy Heart, But Head Held High"- Special Publication by the Archives to Mark the 35th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty with Egypt

Yesterday the ISA launched a publication in a new format on the negotiations with Egypt leading up to Camp David, the conference itself, and the talks before the signing of the peace treaty in Washington on March 26, 1979. The publication includes 67 documents, 18 of them in English, photographs, caricatures, video clips, maps and other audiovisual material, all presented in an app for download for tablets and also available on the Internet.

This was a very exciting project for the Archives, and the aim was to make our materials available to a wider public in a more dynamic and attractive form. The publication is in Hebrew only, but an English version with a selection of illustrations can be seen on our English website.

The new format allows us to give the well known events of the peace process a deeper dimension, as we see the pictures and hear the voices of the actors in the drama. It focuses on the less well known personalities, as well as the "Big Three" leaders, Prime Minister Begin, Egyptian President Sadat and US President Carter. It shows how the distrust which characterized relations between the former enemies was gradually overcome, convincing them that genuine peace was possible and making it possible for Moshe Dayan to reverse his famous saying and to declare from the Knesset rostrum: "Peace without Sharm el Sheikh is better than Sharm el Sheikh without peace."

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