Thursday, October 24, 2013

Israel's Foreign Policy Documents at Geneva, October 2013

At the beginning of October 2013, the 12th International Conference of Editors of Diplomatic Documents was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Israel was represented there by the ISA, which publishes a series of books and online publications on Israel's foreign policy. In 2011, the 11th conference took place in Jerusalem. It was the first time the ISA had ever held an international conference, and we enjoyed showing the city to people, most of whom had not visited Israel before.

The 12th conference was held at the Palais dès Nations, the U.N. building at Geneva, a magnificent site which previously housed the League of Nations. One of the themes of the conference was the history of the idea of global governance and of international organizations, many of them based in Switzerland. We also talked a great deal about the future of our publications in a digital age and the need to use social media, forums and blogs like this one to tell the public about our work. The ISA's representative made a presentation on the translation of our Hebrew publications into English and its pitfalls.

The participants also enjoyed good food and wine (France is next door to Geneva) and a boat ride on the lake, which did much for the atmosphere of international friendship and cooperation!

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