Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haifa port is opened, 80 years ago today

On October 31, 1933, the new port of Haifa, the first modern port in Palestine, was opened. The Mandatory government chose this site because of its natural harbor and its proximity to important shipping lanes, to rail transport to the rest of Palestine and Egypt, and to the Hejaz railway to Jordan and Syria. Haifa was also the administrative center of the north.

To mark the anniversary, we present here a selection of official documents from our holdings on the project, which began in 1927. They deal with the building methods, the demands of the Zionist organization that Jewish workers as well as Arabs should be employed in building the port, and the sensitive question of the differential in wages between Jewish and Arab workers. As usual, the costs of the actual building overran the estimate.

A grand opening ceremony was planned (see the programme) but four days before it, riots broke out among the Arabs against the first wave of Jewish immigration from Nazi Germany. A modest ceremony without an audience was held instead.

Haifa port today

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