Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golda Needs to Change Her Name

The other day a reader asked if we could post any letters in which Ben Gurion admonished folks to Hebraisize their names. So we're looking into the matter and will come back with whatever interesting stuff we may find. In the meantime, however, one of our staff had a scanned example of a similar document right on his desktop.
It's a note signed by Golda Meirson, Minister of Labor and National Insurance, to Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, from February 13th 1950: "I'm pleased to send to the cabinet members the report on national insurance which has been written by the inter-ministerial committee for social insurance" (which apparently was chaired by a fellow named Kanefsky).

Whether FM Sharett read the thick report or not, we can't say. He did however scribble a comment on the bottom of Golda's cover letter, the day after it was sent: "The minister and the chairman and the report itself all have non-Hebrew names. This must be fixed."

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  1. It was wrong to make this a matter of public policy. "The world begins with us" never ends well.