Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yehudit Yavetz: Found!

Last week, we posted a letter from 12-year-old Yehudit Yavets to King George V, written in 1935. Yehudit had recently escaped with her family from Nazi Germany where she was born, and she wrote to the king to express her gratitude for the safe haven she and her family had found in Mandatory Palestine, under his sovereignty.

The story was picked up by Haaretz (in Hebrew), where Ofer Aderet issued a call to the general public to tell what they might know about Yehudit's life after 1935.

Here's the result. Her daughter, Dr. Nira Reiss, tells that as a young woman she worked for the British, then in 1945 she married Shlomo Reiss, they had four children, and she stayed at home to raise them. Sadly, she passed away in 1981, before reaching the age of 60. Today she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Leaving Germany after 1933 was the right move, even if it caused hardship at the time.

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