Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spot of Snow

Tel Aviv was cut off from Jerusalem last night, on account of the Tel Avivians not being able to navigate the snowy roads up to Jerusalem. Sadly, there was a bit of bother in Jerusalem itself, too, so that most folks simply stayed at home drinking hot soup. Those who set out to reach the Israel State Archives, for example, found that the street in front of the building was partially blocked by a tree which coincidentally fell across it just as it started snowing:
On the other hand, anyone who did make it past the broken tree could choose to park anywhere in the parking lot:
The building itself was unaffected by the swirling snow:
Apparently, we're about to move to a different, more centrally located venue, so next time it snows access may be easier. Perhaps people will even come to work.

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  1. Aside from a ninety minute closing (in which I was trapped), 443 was open last night