Thursday, November 29, 2012

29th of November

It's no coincidence the the Palestinian Authority has chosen the 29th of November to launch its bid for recognition at the United Nations. The 29th of November, after all, is the anniversary of the day in 1947 when the UN adopted the plan to replace the British Mandate with a partition of the land between two states, a Jewish one and an Arab one.

The Israel State Archives has an interesting copy of the original scorecard of the General Assembly vote that day. It's a copy on which all the major actors later signed: Harry Truman, Haim Wiezman and many others. See if you can identify any of them, and tell us in the comments.


  1. Some:

    Ralph Bunche
    ?? Herzog
    Abba Eban
    Abba Hillel Silver
    E Kaplan
    M Sharett
    Rose Halpern
    Martin Goldberg?
    Eleanor ?

  2. The staff of the Joint Archives in Jerusalem has identified the following signatures:

    Ralph Bunche
    James M. Sherwood
    Golda Myerson (later Golda Meir)
    Abba Eban
    Rabbi Yizhak HaLevi Herzog
    Emanuel Neumann
    E[liezer] Kaplan
    Arthur Lourie(?)
    Moshe Sharett
    Abba Hillel Silver
    Rose L. Halprin
    David Ben Gurion
    Stephen S. Wise
    Arthur Goldberg
    Rav Aluf Yaacov Dori
    Trygve Lie

    Best regards,
    Yitzhak Teutsch, Director