Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dismantling the Settlement of Elon Moreh

Offhand I'd say at least half a billion people have an opinion on the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Thousands, at the very least, are convinced they know the story, can tell how the settlements came to be there, and who did what and why.

As usual in such matters, what "everybody knows" is based on all sorts of things, but it's not based on familiarity with the documentary evidence, since most of that has never been made public.

So today we published seven documents, most of them newly declassified, from the period 33 years ago before and after the Supreme Court ordered Menachem Begin's government to dismantle the settlement of Elon Moreh. The documents themselves, all in Hebrew, can be found here. Over the next week or so I'll try to write about some of the specifics, which, frankly, I find to be fascinating.

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