Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gas Masks in Israel

Up the block from the ISA there's a shopping mall. You can do the usual stuff there, say, buy an  iPad or have a pizza lunch. Or you can pick up gas masks for the family, though you'll probably have to wait in line for an hour; when I went by yesterday the line had about 200 people. It was moving foward at a good clip, but it was still 200 people. Such distribution points can be found all over the country.
The thing is, none of this is particularly new. Gas masks were distributed systematically in 1990, in the days when Sadaam Hussein was bragging that he was going to "burn half of Israel", and they were renewed in 2002, as another war in Iraq loomed. If you've got a long enough memory, however, you'll know that as far back as 1940 gas masks were being distributed in Tel Aviv:

The cute little boy at the end, by the way, is saying how bad Hitler is for wanting everyone to look like pigs. Well, it was only 1940, after all.

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