Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fixing Independence Hall

One of the many things the ISA is in charge of is the project to refurbish the place in Tel Aviv where Ben Gurion declared Israel's independence on May 14th 1948. Why this should be the job of the ISA is a long and not particularly interesting story, and fortunately, there are fine professionals who've got the actual job itself; the ISA has administrative oversight.

The venue is in the building that was once the home of Meir Dizengoff, one of the founders of Tel Aviv and its first mayor. Late in life he bequeathed it to the city, and it served as an art museum. In recent years, one must admit, it has largely gone downhill, in spite of its importance and central location on Rothschild Avenue. Over the next few months it will be given a face-lift; in the background there's already a team working on a major redesign so as to restore its ability to tell its story in an adequate way. This restoration will take a few years.

Anyway, the first part of any construction project always has to be putting up a sign, which has been done.

Just this morning, on the first day of work, the construction workers found a handsome ceramic commemoration plaque behind a panel, which no-one remembered was there.

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