Friday, July 6, 2012


This blog is intended as a workday operation, which means Fridays and Saturdays we're not active. Just like our brick and mortar self. Still, today there's an item about us over at The Atlantic, and there you can learn that we're what's called a paleoblog. And what's a paleoblog, you ask? A blog which takes snipppets from the wealth of non-digital human creativity and adds it to the digital repository of human endeavors - or in other words, makes it Google-able. This, in contrast to much of the blogging world which cycles and recycles stuff which is already digital. (I think that using your iPhone to make a snapshot of the guys drinking beer at the game and uploading it to Facebook may not qualify, and not only because the cultural value of some such images can be, well, repetitive.) The paleobloggers are the folks who find stuff from the part of human history which pre-dates the Web (there were such times) and insert it back into the real agora, so to speak, where the public discussion now lives.

The American National Archives (NARA) has a paleoblog, the British sort of have one, and on a far broader scope, the entire Wikipedia-GLAM project is motivated by the same idea: find worthy analog records and make them accessible in digital form.

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