Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jerusalem or the United Nations? Jerusalem.

Here's a document which has been around for a while, even online, but which doesn't seem to have got the attention it's worthy of. It was December 1949, and the General Assembly of the United Nations was discussing Israel, not for the first nor the last time. One of the ideas being discussed was to force Israel to relinquish its hold over its part of Jerusalem. (I don't know if the assembly was also mooting the divestment of Jordanian control over the Old City - that would be a worthy subject to look into). On December 4th 1949 Ben Gurion sent a terse cable to Moshe Sharett, the Foreign Minister, who was in New York:
Convening the cabinet tomorrow morning.

Will propose a declaration in the Knesset that the State of Israel will refuse to accept any form of foreign rule over Jewish Jerusalem or tearing the city from her rule, and should we be faced with the choice between leaving Jerualem or the UN, we will prefer to leave the UN.

Ben Gurion

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