Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Know Who I Am?

Starting today, the Israel State Archives is embarking on a new project: every week, we will publish several pictures online and ask for the public's help in identifying the people, events and places depicted in them. This week, we ask our readership to assist us in understanding the pictures below, part of Benno Rothenberg's photo collection which was entered into the archives in 1970. Rothenberg, who came to Israel on aliya during the 30s, was one of the leading photographers in Israel during its early years. His collection in the archives dates from 1947-1951.l

If you recognize the people in the pictures or can tell us something about the event being photographed, please comment on this post or let us know through the email address that appears to the right and we will publish it for the benefit of the public.l

Thank you and good luck to us all! l


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